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with etchings by VRONI SCHWEGLER

A new collection of poems by one of the foremost German-language poets of our time, Friederike Mayröcker (born in 1924). Each of the poems mentions lilac, a leitmotiv in Mayröcker's work.

The book includes four reproductions of etchings of lilac by the artist Vroni Schwegler. The specials contain an original etching and are numbered and signed by the author and artist.

Set by hand by Thomas Siemon (carpe plumbum, Liepzig) in Typoart Garamond and printed (letterpress) on 120gsm Munken Pure. Format: 24 x 17 cm; 500 copies, sewn into Zaansch Bord, a magnificent paper made in the last wind-driven paper mill in the world from rags and water - without dye, bleach, size or any other additives.

50 are numbered and signed by Friederike Mayröcker and Vroni Schwegler and have an original etching bound in as a frontispiece.

Friederike Mayröcker & Vroni Schwegler, FLIEDER (German only)    ISBN 978-3-931798-34-5    £ 38

FLIEDER special: numbered (1-50), with an original etching by Vroni Schwegler, signed by author and artist    £ 170

Friederike Mayröcker: cf.   Dieser Nachsommer,   Schneetreiben im Zimmer   and   BABEL XIV, XIII
Vroni Schwegler: cf.   R.S. Thomas, Stone Twittering,   Robert Creeley, Hope defined   and   Pentti Holappa, Koditon ajatus

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